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Body Smart, Body Safe Books for Children

A book to empower & teach children about personal body safety, feelings, safe & unsafe touch, private parts, secrets & surprises, consent & respectful relationships by Sanders
“The rules of physical contact can be tricky to grasp and children with special needs are at a heightened risk of abuse. This friendly picture book explains in simple terms how to tell the difference between acceptable and inappropriate touch, thereby helping the child with special needs stay safe.”
“The Bare Naked Book joyfully celebrates this wonderful ordinariness with a matter-of-fact introduction for toddlers to the parts of the body. From hair (dripping, straight, curly, and tangled) to toes (stamping, ticklish, skinny, and squishy) and the private bits in between, Kathy Stinson’s playfully simple prose identifies the parts of the body at rest and in motion. Meanwhile, the friendly realism of Heather Collins’s illustrations offers a variety of body types in familiar environments, from the bathroom to the beach.”
"Mom, where do babies come from?" Many parents live in fear of the day their child asks this question. Which inevitably happens, often as early as the preschool years (sic). Here is a picture book designed especially for young children who are becoming aware of their bodies, but aren't ready to learn about sexual intercourse.”
“Discusses the different types of touching and offers advice on how to react to unwanted touching.”
“A young seal is upset when his uncle starts touching his body in private places, until he finds the courage to tell Wise Whale. Text includes some songs.”
“In simple, reassuring language, the author explains that a child's body is his or her own; that it is all right for kids to decline a friendly hug or kiss, even from someone they love; and that you can still be friends even if you don't want a hug now.”
1 comment

1 Comment

Yes, this is a very important lesson to teach kids. I believe that sex education is also very important to teach kids at an early stage when he/she capable of understanding because the average age for girls and boys to begin puberty is 11 or 12 and then hormones start developing.

Give education about inappropriate and unwanted touches to children is very very important to avoid such inevitable circumstances. Teach children that you're the boss of your body. By the way, I want this book. How much cost? and are you giving any kind of discount during these Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales days or through coupons platform by using their coupons such as thanksgiving sale 2020?

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