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Parenthood is a beautiful journey, and we all know it comes with its unique set of challenges. As a Parent Coach, my mission is to create a supportive space where we can come together as a community to share our joys, triumphs, and concerns.

Upcoming Events

Sorry, no event scheduled for now but come back soon to check what's coming.

You can have Gail attend your group gathering? Perhaps you are part of a mom's group, or neighborhood walking club. You may have found a shared concern amongst other parents (from behavior concerns to potty training, navigating coparenting, etc.) Bring Gail in to speak with your group.

Did You Know?
Three reasons why having Gail attending your event(s):
Warm & Inclusive Atmosphere:
Our meetings are filled with empathy, kindness, and respect. We're all in this together.
As your Parent Coach, I'll be there to provide insights, strategies, and practical tips to help navigate the specific concern we'll be addressing.
Connect with other parents who share similar experiences and learn from each other's journeys.
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