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Work With Me

There are lots of reasons that people choose to seek out the advice of a parent coach.  I provide non-biased, professional advice which draws on over 30 years of parent coaching experience. 

With a variety of options to chose from I can support your individual or group needs.


Get on a path towards connection, emotional awareness, and joyful parenting. Choose from one of these options and contact me to get started.




Gather your group of friends

Meet one time or ongoing

Gather six friends and we can explore more deeply the challenges of parenting.  Understanding our family of origin, our experiences and how they related to raising our children can empower us to become more confident parents.  We can meet on a regular basis, growing and encouraging each other.

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One-on-One Support

2 Hour initial consultation

Ongoing support

Busy parents? I am available for one to one coaching in your home or via skype.  Prior to our time together I will review your concerns, each family member’s temperament profile as well as your child’s developmental stage.  Initially I like to work with the whole family for an hour; the second hour will be adults only so we can personalize and implement plans for your family. Learn more.




Teachers & Staff explore the topic of your choice

Once our children enter preschool, then K-12, parents are often searching for support. I can tailor information to the age and stage of the children, which then helps the parents and staff work together more collaboratively.

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