There are lots of reasons that people choose to seek out the advice of a parent coach.  I provide non-biased, professional advice which draws on over 30 years of parent coaching experience. 

Choose from one of the packages below, or contact me to build your own package. 


2 Hours In Home 

1 Hour Phone Coaching

4 Weeks of Unlimited Email Consultation

The most popular package. Designed for families local to Monterey Peninsula who would like to tap into the convenience of having a parent consultant on retainer. 



2 Hours in Home 

4 half-hour phone consultations

This package is for local families who have a few questions, or would like assistance through a particular phase in their familial life. 


Reese & Kendall

4 Hours of Skype Consultation. 

This is especially for non-local families.  

Typically, these consultations are given with a single two hour initial consultation and 2 one hour consultations. 


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