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Young Child Resource Guide


“Representing the melting pot of our society should be a requirement, not a random box checked off by publishers” - Paula Chase, author
“Introducing children — including very young children — to stories whose characters have physical or mental challenges, especially when the framing is healthy and positive, helps expand their concept of “normal” and exposes them to a wider array of experiences, building empathy and acceptance.”
“Most of the time when kids feel understood, they're willing to do what you ask -- even if they don't like what you're asking. That's why the secret to setting limits effectively is to empathize as you do it. It's a three step process.”

Rear Facing Car Seat Myths Busted, by Car Seats for Little Ones Contributor

​​​​​​​In fact, when you involve your child with ironing, there are more beneficial outcomes than your well-pressed garments alone. With the right approach, find out how to use this “magical chore” as a way to boost their future academic performance”



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