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Grandma's Corner

As Grandparent's, we have a unique relationship with our kids and grandkids in this new stage in our life. I just want to share some of my expertise from over the years for new grandparents.

Enjoy these hand curated resources for Grandparents: from studies to thought provoking articles pick and choose what sounds interesting to you for the latest in "grand-parenting."


By Sixty and Me Author

"[One] study [. . .] found that 42% of grandkids don’t know what their grandparents did for a living and 41% don’t know if they have any special skills!" - Sixty and Me Author
“There can be a lot of expectations when it comes to grandparents and their hoped-for relationship with their grandchildren. Putting healthy boundaries in place can save a lot of hurt feelings.”

Grandparents Make the Difference For Babies, Mathew E. Melmed: Executive Director of ZERO TO THREE

“Many people don’t know about the wide range of mood disorders that can affect new moms beyond the deep sadness of postpartum depression. I experienced one of the most rare and severe maternal mental health disorders: postpartum psychosis.

“You will have months – even years – to build the kind of relationship you want with your grandchild, but the dynamics are sometimes set early for how you’ll get along with the other adults…your son or daughter, their partner, the other grandparents, and various “extras,” who, sometimes play a crucial role and are not “extra” at all. [ . . .] And there are aspects requiring some effort and pre-meditation: ”



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