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Just Daughters

Mothering & Daughtering, keeping the bond strong through the years; Reynolds & Reynolds

If you're locked in a clash of wills or fear the prospect of getting into one, with Mothering and Daughtering you can learn how to build the foundation for a deep and lasting relationship that is a source of support, joy, and love throughout your lives.

The "What’s happening to My Body for Girls" Book For Girls, by Lynda Madaras

Untangled: guiding teenage girls through the seven transitions into adulthood by Darmour

Raising a daughter: parents and the awakening of a healthy woman by Elium

Girls are born believing that they can do anything, but our media-driven culture of mixed messages and conflicting values can make growing up a confusing and risky business. And for parents, it is a daunting responsibility to raise confident, independent daughters while still keeping them safe. Jeanne and Don Elium address such complex challenges as:

Queen bees and wannabes, helping your daughter survive cliques, gossip, boys and the new reality of girl world by Wisema

Reviving Ophelia by Piper & Ross

Be the dad she needs you to be: the indelible imprint a father leaves on his daughter’s life by Leman

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