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Shelter-In-Place Resources

Updated: May 9, 2020

I'm compiling for you here a group of resources that I feel are relevant for us right now as we Shelter In Place and learn to live with Covid-19. As always, if you need support I am here for you. ~Gail


How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus without creating more fear- by Dr Susan Swick / Montage Health

Sesame Street Is Teaming Up with CNN to Help Kids Understand the Coronavirus Pandemic

Bromsgrove Story Time 'Dave the dog is worried about the Coronavirus' by Molly Watts

Articles (Tweens and Teens)-

Navigating COVID-19 with Tweens and Teens by Sheri Vettel / Mothering

The Biggest Heartache for Tweens and Teens Right Now & How We Can Help Lift the Mood by Michelle Mitchell


Ten Questions Young Children Have Right Now by Rebecca Schrag Hershberg Ph.D. / Psychology Today

Amid the Pandemic, Going Easy on Our Kids — and Ourselves by Mona Delahook Ph. D

8 Things I Want My Kids to Remember About the Time the World Shut Down by Chaunie Brusie / Healthline Parenthood

What’s Going On Out There, Mom and Dad? by Allison Stone / Medium

The Subtle Ways Your Kid Is Trying To Show You Their Coronavirus Anxiety by Catherine Pearson / HuffPost Life

Keeping Siblings from Each Other's Throats During Quarantine Forced Togetherness by Aha! Parenting Blog

Courage in the Age of Coronavirus by Aha! Parenting Blog

Suddenly We're All Homeschoolers! What? You Weren't Trained For This? by Aha! Parenting Blog

Printable Resources-

Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus By Dr. Susan Swik

Loving Our Way Through: Staying Home, Me and You Printable Flipbook by Generation Mindful

The Corona Virus Free Printable by Amanda McGuinness

Download PDF • 846KB

A Kids Book About COVID-19 by Malia Jones

Download PDF • 7.70MB

Lucy's Lockdown by Chris Duke

Download PDF • 9.26MB

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